Week 11: Technical Problems

The past two weeks was little bit rough weeks for me. I was so frustrated and stressed out about the whole project. The android Emulator won’t started when I run the App and at same time it did not show errors. Every improvement I make on the project, I always do a back up. Unfortunately, even back up file, some dependencies updates did not work. I spent 12 hours online and some with Don on the project to figure out the problem but no solution. Fortunately, I called Jeremy for hand.

The solution was actually easy. Jeremy told me to hard reset android Emulator by click on
“AVD Manager” then click the play button logo under the “Actions” tab.

AVD Manager tab

Week 10

After creating the Menu database inside of the Category table, I went to create a new layout call FoodList in android studio to set up the food page and to show the food list.
Then I went to create new java class called “Food” in the Model. In the “Food” class I declared the food table attributes as I have them in a json file.
Additionally, I have a new ViewHolder which I named “FoodViewHolder”.

Food list Menu

Now I need to get Category of the food ID, so if user select menu, it will shows food list base on the Menu Id. To do so, I need to set up CategoryId when user click to menu. (This scripts is done in the Home class).

then I imported the (the menu) database. Basically, I declare the food menu database that i created earlier with the Json file.

Week 9: First rough Draft

I spend this week working, searching and documenting on the project first rough draft which suppose to be 25 pages. So far I have 6 pages. Additionally, I make a big improvement on my Internship Project. I set up the Bind in one of the Centos 7 computer which will served as server. I installed and configured both puppets: server and agent. My first manifest was successful.

Now I am working on how to add window computer as node and sign it to the puppet master (server).

Week 8

In this week, first I change the app home background picture with Metz logo picture that I found on its website. Additionally, I create a new package called “Common” in my project folder. Inside of the package, I created new class called “Common” where I declared it as public class and inside of public class, I have public static user which is currentUser. So In the “SignIn” class script, I just added common.currentUser equals user. After I run the script I got error.

I went to create a new library (Model). I moved the “User” class inside of the Model then I created a new public user script.

Secondly, I used “ObjGen -Live json Generator” to create Food Category database and imported it to firebase.

UPB Cafeteria Logo
Food Category

I created new java class called Category in the Model package. In “res” package in android studio where i connect to the food category database.


For the past week I was busy working on my internship project. The project was to install Puppet in two different machines. One machine should be served as master and the second as agent. To do so, I installed Centos 7 in both machines, then I configured BIND in one of the machine which became a server. The server machine is used as master puppet. Anyway to summarize the project is still under going and will be done soon.

Even though, I was busy  working on the internship project, I still make some improvement on my capstone. I finally make the “Sign up” button worked. I initiated firebase in the SignUp class script. This mean every time a new student sign up to the app, their information is sent to firebase data center. Only me can have access to the data.

declare firebase in yellow highlight

 This is how it looks like in firebase database after a new user (student) signed up to the app.

Example of new user (students) sign up to the app
Sign Up interface

Week 6: Designed Login Interfaces

For this past weekend, I went to Philadelphia for my Monthly training. The training was rough. I have my computer with me, but i can’t not have access to internet due to the random location we were drilling at.

On week 5, I was stacked on Gradle Sync issue. Basically, the app can’t not find one of the library dependencies after I connected Firebase. Fortunately, I and Jeremy work around on the issue and make it work. So far, I have the user login interface work, But I’m still working on the Sign Up part.

Because we alredy have 2 user name in the fire base as our loging credentials, so I code the Sign In activity first. As I said earlier in the last week blog, To get the user phone number as primary key. By doing so, I create model class to get the data. The result is in the pictures below:

Home interface

After you click on Sign In, it will take you to the login page. This is how it look like in the picture below.

Information Gathering: Start Sign In Creation

After watching a lot of tutorials about how to use Android Studio on YouTube, this week, I start applying the basic part of the App such as the interface and the logging. I used Firebase software to create and manage the logging credentials. I created Json database file for the login. I created a User table and assigned phone number as a primary key, Name and password as attributes.

After connecting the app to firbase, the Gradle Project failed to sync. After spending hours to resolve the issue, I can not find a hint to solve it. So I went to talk to Professor Jeremiah. We tried together but no success. He told me to meet him on Thursday during his class hours.

UPB Food App

        For my Capstone Project, I would like to build a food delivery app for the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford. This project will be my first time building an App. Since I do not have good knowledge on building Apps, this project will be a little challenging, but with the helps of my professors and researches, I will achieve something great with it.

I choose this project due to the situation here at Pitt-Bradford where students, include me have hard time to order a simple meal due to a high volume call in Cafeteria. To order a simple meal for example, chicken wing, You have to wait at least ten (10) minutes before someone talk to you. So with this App, all you need to do is login with your Pitt credential or register then order your food.

To start this project, I will need:

  • Android Studio Which is an open source software free to used.
  • Firebase: a cloud base client that will host and protect our login and register credentials

Each week, I will keep posting in this blog to let your know my level on the project.

My Capstone Project Ideas

For my capstone project, I had a hard time to work on a specific project. My first project in mind was to create a database for an imaginary enterprise where employee can have access, by entering, deleting and even track their music, and movies .

Unfortunately, I change my mind for different Project. Something that I never do before, something new to me, something that will solve or better an old system. It is a challenge for myself. Soon, I will let you all know about my Project.