UPB Food App

        For my Capstone Project, I would like to build a food delivery app for the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford. This project will be my first time building an App. Since I do not have good knowledge on building Apps, this project will be a little challenging, but with the helps of my professors and researches, I will achieve something great with it.

I choose this project due to the situation here at Pitt-Bradford where students, include me have hard time to order a simple meal due to a high volume call in Cafeteria. To order a simple meal for example, chicken wing, You have to wait at least ten (10) minutes before someone talk to you. So with this App, all you need to do is login with your Pitt credential or register then order your food.

To start this project, I will need:

  • Android Studio Which is an open source software free to used.
  • Firebase: a cloud base client that will host and protect our login and register credentials

Each week, I will keep posting in this blog to let your know my level on the project.