Week 6: Designed Login Interfaces

For this past weekend, I went to Philadelphia for my Monthly training. The training was rough. I have my computer with me, but i can’t not have access to internet due to the random location we were drilling at.

On week 5, I was stacked on Gradle Sync issue. Basically, the app can’t not find one of the library dependencies after I connected Firebase. Fortunately, I and Jeremy work around on the issue and make it work. So far, I have the user login interface work, But I’m still working on the Sign Up part.

Because we alredy have 2 user name in the fire base as our loging credentials, so I code the Sign In activity first. As I said earlier in the last week blog, To get the user phone number as primary key. By doing so, I create model class to get the data. The result is in the pictures below:

Home interface

After you click on Sign In, it will take you to the login page. This is how it look like in the picture below.