For the past week I was busy working on my internship project. The project was to install Puppet in two different machines. One machine should be served as master and the second as agent. To do so, I installed Centos 7 in both machines, then I configured BIND in one of the machine which became a server. The server machine is used as master puppet. Anyway to summarize the project is still under going and will be done soon.

Even though, I was busy  working on the internship project, I still make some improvement on my capstone. I finally make the “Sign up” button worked. I initiated firebase in the SignUp class script. This mean every time a new student sign up to the app, their information is sent to firebase data center. Only me can have access to the data.

declare firebase in yellow highlight

 This is how it looks like in firebase database after a new user (student) signed up to the app.

Example of new user (students) sign up to the app
Sign Up interface