Week 8

In this week, first I change the app home background picture with Metz logo picture that I found on its website. Additionally, I create a new package called “Common” in my project folder. Inside of the package, I created new class called “Common” where I declared it as public class and inside of public class, I have public static user which is currentUser. So In the “SignIn” class script, I just added common.currentUser equals user. After I run the script I got error.

I went to create a new library (Model). I moved the “User” class inside of the Model then I created a new public user script.

Secondly, I used “ObjGen -Live json Generator” to create Food Category database and imported it to firebase.

UPB Cafeteria Logo
Food Category

I created new java class called Category in the Model package. In “res” package in android studio where i connect to the food category database.